Child Safe Window Treatments

The factors most often taken into consideration when choosing the right style of window treatment are natural lighting needs and coordination with home decor. However, if you have a small child you should also consider what kinds of window treatments are safe for them. A 26-year study showed that 17,000 children   [READ MORE]

Choosing the Best Window Treatments: Curtains

While curtains can add a stylish, polished look to any room, choosing the right ones for your window treatments can be a challenging endeavor. That’s because there are simply so many fabric and pattern options out there that making your choice can be overwhelming. Here are a few of things   [READ MORE]

Choosing the best window treatments – Shades

Bedroom Shades Shades are also known as “soft” window treatments because they are made of fabric including linen, cotton, silk, and other natural and synthetic fibers. Although they don’t have any light-filtering adjustments, they do come in different levels of opacity to allow various amounts of light flow   [READ MORE]

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