Utilizing Small Businesses Vs. Chain Stores

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Utilizing Small Businesses Vs. Chain Stores

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Nowadays it’s hard to avoid seeing chain stores offering every product imaginable. But there are some important reasons why it’s often a better idea to use a small, local business for your shopping needs instead of a large chain store. Here are just a few.

Customer Service

Everyone has found themselves in a large chain store, whether it’s Macy’s, Target, or Walmart, without an employee to be found to help you locate the item you’re looking for – let alone explain the difference between two different options. A local business depends on customer service to succeed, and so you are far more likely to be able to quickly get the help you need to find the right item or make your purchase choice between two competing brands or types.


So many big box retailers are focused on low prices and mass market distribution that they offer too many products, lacking a thorough understanding of them all and without the expertise needed for so many offerings. Small businesses, on the other hand, tend to specialize in one specific area – like window treatments – and therefore can take the time to truly learn about brands, styles, and all of the options for their products. They can then pass this expertise on to you to help you make the best buying decision possible for your specific needs.

Local Economics

When you spend your money at a local business, you are putting that money into your own local economy. That business, in turn, will recirculate a large portion of that money into the local economy, creating local supply chains and investing in their own employees. This helps your local area’s economy to thrive – which ultimately has an impact on jobs, property values, civic engagement, community well-being, and the success of other local businesses.


Finally, you may be surprised to know that chains don’t always offer the best prices on every item, and you can often work out a better deal with a small, specialized local business that can, to some degree, set their own prices. It’s definitely worth your time to visit a local business and find out!

Crosstown Shade & Glass is proud to be a small, local business with years of experience offering every type of window treatment imaginable in the New York City metro area. For more information about our company, call 212-787-8040 for our Upper West Side location or 212-647-1519 for our Greenwich Village location, or stop into either showroom. We look forward to hearing from you!

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