The Importance of Child Safety with Window Treatments

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The Importance of Child Safety with Window Treatments

Child safety is an important concern for all parents. Because of the inherent dangers of some older-style blinds and window treatments, it’s important to evaluate both existing and new treatments for child safety. Window treatments that are child safe have either no cords at all or have lift cords without a loop. If you are considering child-proofing your home or are renovating and have children who live in or visit your home, make sure that any new window treatment you choose has child safety features.

Here are a few helpful tips for parents.

  1. Replace all window blinds, draperies, and corded shades that were manufactured before 2001.
  2. Consider replacing any older window treatments with shutters, window shades. or cordless blinds, which are safer options.
  3. Keep any window treatment pull cords and inner lift cords well out of the reach of children.

Every window treatment project is different, which is why it’s essential for you to consult with experts in the field. At Crosstown Shade & Glass, we have years of experience with child-safe window treatment options. For more information or to begin choosing the right blinds for your project, call us today at our Upper West Side location at 212-787-8040 or at our Greenwich Village location at 212-647-1519, or stop into either showroom. We look forward to helping you!

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