Custom Drapery

The Beauty of Custom Drapery

Nothing beats the beauty and elegance of custom made drapery. At Crosstown Custom Shade and Glass, we’ve created and installed some of the most beautiful drapery designs you’ll find in the New York City area. We start the job with experienced designers, and finish it with professional installation.

Some of our custom drapery specialties include:

  • Valances. If you love what you’ve done to your room but still feel that you need one more element to help tie it all together, drapery valances are the perfect solution. Drapery valances may just hang across the top of your window or, with the addition of jabots or tails, frame the sides of the window as well.
  • Sheers. They’re not just an under treatment anymore! Sheers make beautiful custom window treatments. With a wide variety of terrific prints, including stripes, burnouts, solids, and multi-colors, sheers can become the cornerstone of a room’s design. Even the plainer sheers are now available in fibers and weaves that are just too special to cover up with another layer of panels.
  • Custom curtains. Whether you’re after functionality or esthetics, traditional or contemporary, clean and simple or elaborate, we can design a set of curtains perfect for your room. Custom curtains are just that — custom. We offer a wide variety of fabrics, styles, patterns, linings and hardware to create the perfect custom curtains for you.

Visit one of our Crosstown Custom Shade and Glass showrooms in Manhattan to see our large variety of fabrics and patterns for your custom curtains, or contact us to schedule a consultation. We’re looking forward to serving you!

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