Choosing the Best Window Treatments: Curtains

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Choosing the Best Window Treatments: Curtains

While curtains can add a stylish, polished look to any room, choosing the right ones for your window treatments can be a challenging endeavor. That’s because there are simply so many fabric and pattern options out there that making your choice can be overwhelming. Here are a few of things you need to consider to get started.

Ready-Made or Custom-Made Curtains

Ready-made curtains offer affordability, style, and insulation – and they can also be installed much more quickly than custom-made curtains. There are, however, a few drawbacks. For one thing, they can’t be customized to fit every window perfectly, meaning instead of getting exactly the right fit, you may have to settle for the closest size available. In addition, you’ll find a more limited selection of materials, colors, and patterns available.

Custom-made curtains, on the other hand, allow you to choose virtually any fabric, pattern, color, or style for your window treatments. Since they are made to the specific measurements of your windows, you can also be assured of a perfect fit for every window. The disadvantages come from the cost and the time it takes to have them made, which generally requires two the three weeks at a minimum.

Curtain Headings

Headings are the way in which the top of the curtain is attached to the curtain rod. The most popular options are pencil pleats and eyelets because they are simple and work well with almost any style of curtain. French or pinch pleats are a bit more expensive, but they offer a fancier effect.

Curtain Linings

Choosing the right lining is essential to ending up with the right curtains to fit your lifestyle. One of the most popular options is blackout linings, which block most of the light that might otherwise filter through closed curtains. These curtains are great for those who work at night or have home cinemas or TV rooms in which they want to prevent glare. Thermal linings are another popular option, because they keep in hot or cold air, reducing utility bills and saving money in the long term.

Other things to consider include window sheers, layered curtains, and curtains with blinds. And keep in mind that window sizes vary more than most people realize – hence the expression measure twice and cut once – and so every window treatment project is unique. This is why it’s essential for you to consult with curtain experts before making a final decision.

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