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Child Safe Window Treatments

The factors most often taken into consideration when choosing the right style of window treatment are natural lighting needs and coordination with home decor. However, if you have a small child you should also consider what kinds of window treatments are safe for them. A 26-year study showed that 17,000 children were treated in the emergency room for blind cord related injuries. And 271 children died from strangulation due to blind cords.

With this in mind, Crosstown Shade and Glass offers a wide array of window fashions focused on child safety. Crosstown is proud to sell Hunter Douglas window treatments since they integrate child safety into their core mission. Their products are optimized for safety and they provide educational materials for parent homeowners and others.

Here are 4 ideas for child safe window treatments that will keep your little ones safe:

Motorized Window Treatments

motorized window treatmentsThe window motorization industry has developed significantly in recent years. In particular, Hunter Douglas Authorized Motorization Centers have the latest technology. Crosstown Shade and Glass is one of those centers with specialists on hand to help you select and install your products.

Child safety is one of Hunter Douglas’ key missions in blind and shade design. Specifically, the PowerView® Motorization system eliminates the risk of hanging cords in reach of young children and curious pets. Additionally, you can program these cordless treatments with the PowerView® App to align with scheduled nap times. There is also the Pebble® remote which can be safely used by both adults and children.

Manual Cordless Shades

Hunter Douglas also offers products with simplicity. One such treatment is the LiteRise® cordless operating system. It offers both a streamlined appearance and eliminates the need for an operating cord. Simply use your fingers to raise or lower the shade.

There is also the SimpleLift™ system by Hunter Douglas. This system enhances safety and beauty. Like the LiteRise® system, you simply raise and lower the shade. However, this treatment features a contoured bottom rail with a button that is pressed for smooth operation.

Custom Shutters

child safe window treatmentsShutters are a gorgeous addition to any home and they are also a safer window treatment for children and pets. All of the Hunter Douglas’ shutter systems have a cordless design. Additionally, you can secure them in case your child tries to open a window.

As an added perk, they are also a great fixture to increase the value of your home. Plus, the materials are environmentally-friendly.

Modern Wands

Many people use window wands to open or close vertical blinds. However, Hunter Douglas’ wand control feature for window treatments is a vertically oriented operating system. A single, sleek wand controls all the functions. Unlike traditional wands, they are secure at the top to make sure your child cannot take down the wand.

Hunter Douglas also offers a specific type of lift system for use with their Duette® Honeycomb shades, as well as with most of their other products, called Ultraglide®. It is a click-and-walk-away system with a retractable cord inside of a wand. It is another great child-safe option for window treatments like traditional shades and blinds that typically have cords.

Crosstown Shade & Glass sells Hunter Douglas window fashions for many reasons. A key reason is their dedication to child safe window treatments. Even after your treatment is installed, their experts will advise you to position cribs, playpens, beds, and furniture away from windows. Ask a specialist today about adding or altering a window treatment to make it child friendly.


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